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2008 - They met as teachers-in-training at Webster University.

He was interested, but she was still with her high school boyfriend!

Fall 2009 - She returned to school all single -like

They were in a few classes together.

They ate lunch together.

She couldn't resist him in his sweater vest and slacks with his brains, charm, and liberalness. 

She said, "We should totally hang out sometime."

They went to a bar to hang with some friends.

The friends didn't show.

They talked for 7 hours and when she left he kissed her hand.

After that - They started talking and going out, like, all the time.

He asked if he could be her boyfriend and she said, "No, you smell like feet."

Just kidding. She totally said yes.

They accidentally rack up over 600 dollars in phone bills because she was calling him on his Puerto Rican cell phone number.

Her mom calmly called the phone company and they retroactively charged for long distance.

They were relieved.

After that - They faced lots of challenges, but some good stuff happened.

They did their student teaching and she was completely miserable.

They graduated. Woohoo!

She didn't think she could go straight into teaching so she got a job as a TA.

He got a teaching job. Woohoo!

March 2011 - They made the leap and bought a house in Overland together and moved in with an awesome dog and two moody cats.

Their families experienced some hard times.

His best friend stayed with them for a while.

They worked hard and during the summers they went to New York and Puerto Rico.

2012 - Serious health problems in her family.

Her hardest year of working yet.

He supported her with food, hugs, and kind words, and didn't get mad when she took out her frustrations on him.

2013 - Things became amazing.

She interviewed at Nipher and got a real honest- to-goodness teaching job!

He moved to a high school position and got a coaching job too!

June 30th, 2013 - They were going to dinner and he proposed in the hallway, down on one knee.

She said yes and thought she would cry but she didn't.

They set a date!!